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Meet The Founders

Co-owners, cousins, moms, and best friends, Maggie Swanson and Donna duPont decided to start a jewelry company in 2016 due to their love for jewelry and passion for creating something that would make others feel special and beautiful, both inside and out. With the company named after two incredible Deos, their inspiration comes from two people who love to laugh, have fun, and focus on the joys in life. Tired of tarnishing jewelry, they decided they wanted to create gold jewelry that is more affordable than solid gold, yet would still last years and years to come. 


With collections of gemstones, pearls, and chains, each piece of jewelry is designed to be elegant and timeless, assuring that it will never go out of style. Beautiful, unique, and vibrant, Maggie and Donna create jewelry that appeals to any age group. 

"We believe that gems have healing powers, and our religious medals do as well! Many of our customers tell us how happy they feel when they wear Deo duPont Jewelry, and we believe that is because we put so much love into each and every piece that we make."



             Maggie & Donna

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