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Return Policy and Product Information



All of our 14K Gold Filled pieces and semi-precious gems will tarnish if exposed to saltwater, chlorinated water, and some creams and chemicals.  If you are gentle with your pieces, they will last.

14K GOLD-FILLED (hypoallergenic)
14K Gold Filled is a pressure bonded layer of gold that has 100 times more gold than plated jewelry. It is durable, won't chip or flake, is tarnish resistant, reasonably priced and a great alternative to "solid" gold jewelry. Our jewelry looks great and if taken care of properly, should last for many years!

Sterling Silver by definition is .925 Silver. It is a great option for those who don't wear gold. Sterling Silver will tarnish from oxidation but with proper care and cleaning can be brought back to a shine.


Due to different batches of Organic Leather, the color and feel may vary slightly.  All leather will soften the more it is worn.

To keep your leather necklaces in great condition we recommend hanging them up or laying them flat for storage.  Store jewelry away from a sink, clear from any water, make-up or lotions.

Water can discolor some of our lighter leathers.  For most cleaning needs, a slightly damp Magic Eraser will be efficient - even on suede.

If leather necklace gets bent, it can be flattened with a barely warm iron by covering ONLY the leather part of the choker with a towel or cloth and lightly steaming the leather part of the necklace; avoiding the Stones and the Clasp.

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