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Why We Love Gold Filled Jewelry — And Why You Will Too. All 4 Types of Gold Jewelry Explained

We use the term 'gold-filled jewelry' all over the Deo duPont platforms to describe our jewelry, but maybe you're wondering: what exactly does this mean, and more importantly, why does it matter? Let's discuss each of the different types of gold jewelry that you can find, and why we believe gold-filled is the best type of jewelry you can buy!

Distinguishing Gold Plated, Gold Vermeil, Gold Filled, & Solid Gold Jewelry

Gold-Plated jewelry:

  • Made up of a base metal, dipped in a thin layer of gold

  • Often cheapest in price

  • May fade over time, especially if exposed to water, chemicals, or friction with the skin; it requires more delicate care to maintain its appearance

Gold Vermeil jewelry:

  • A layer of gold, typically 10K gold, to sterling silver base metal

  • Offers better durability than gold-plated jewelry due to its thicker gold layer, but it can still fade and tarnish with time, especially with extensive wear or exposure to harsh elements

  • Typically more expensive than gold-plated jewelry, but more affordable than solid gold

Gold-Filled jewelry:

  • A layer of thick 14K or 18K gold bonded to a brass metal base using high heat and pressure

  • Highly resistant to fading and tarnishing, making it an excellent choice for everyday wear

  • Waterproof & hypoallergenic (safe for sensitive skin!)

  • Same price-point as gold vermeil (typically more expensive than gold-plated jewelry, but more affordable than solid gold)

Solid Gold Jewelry:

  • Highly resistant to fading and tarnishing

  • Waterproof & hypoallergenic

  • Most expensive

In Summary...

1. Gold-Plated and Gold Vermeil jewelry wear off over time.

2. Gold-filled jewelry offers all of solid gold's desirable qualities, without the high cost!

Why Deo duPont Jewelry Chooses Gold-Filled...

While creating our jewelry, what we value most is creating a product that is the best it can be for our customers. That's why we exclusively sell gold-filled jewelry—we believe it is the highest quality jewelry you can buy at an affordable price! With our gold-filled items you will be delighted to find incredibly low-maintenance yet high-quality jewelry, and while it maintains the same look and durability as solid gold, you don't need to sacrifice on the cost!


For more content of our exquisite necklaces, pearls, bracelets, & earrings for Fall, check out our Instagram!

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