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Meet the Designers & Co-Owners of Deo duPont™

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Hello! We’ve noticed a lot of new faces around here and thought it would be fun to introduce ourselves and share a bit of our story! We are Donna duPont & Maggie Swanson - moms, cousins and best friends. Named after our incredible relatives, our inspiration comes from two people who love to laugh and have fun in life.

Our love of color - and passion for all things beautiful - inspired us to embark on this exciting journey of making jewelry in 2016. We feel so lucky to not only be family - but the closest of friends. Every week, we would walk together for exercise followed by a cup of coffee where we would chat, laugh, and ultimately brainstorm what would become Deo duPont™. We both had experience in entrepreneurship and wanted to create and sell jewelry that captured not only our love for beautiful things - but our love of the ocean, travel, animals - and most importantly our children and family.

We design our jewelry to reflect how we try to live our lives - with intention and a focus on the everyday joys. We believe that our gems, medals and saints have healing powers. Many of our customers tell us how happy Deo duPont™ Jewelry makes them feel when they wear it, and we believe that is because we put so much love into making it.

We are very proud of each of our handcrafted pieces made of timeless elements. All of our necklaces, beaded bracelets, saints, medals and earrings are 14K gold-filled, tarnish-free, and can be worn in the water! This helps to make our jewelry more affordable so that everyone can enjoy the love and good energy that goes into each and every piece of jewelry we design and create within our collections. We even have our own, special way of blessing each piece of jewelry before it makes its way to you! When you wear Deo, we hope that you will notice that you smile more and feel a sense of lightness, energy, fulfillment and gratitude.

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