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The Meaning Behind our Saint Christopher Medals

Our Saint Christopher Medals are incredibly special to us - in fact, it’s where the Deo duPont™Jewelry Collection began. Saint Christopher is the Patron Saint of Travel and can be worn daily for protection and to keep one safe. We wear our 14k Gold Filled Saint Christopher necklaces every single day, but not only do we love these medals for ourselves but we love to give them as gifts. All of our children received a Saint Christopher medal when they started to drive or for graduation. They also make thoughtful gifts for loved ones going on a trip! Our medals provide a sense of comfort for not only the recipient but the person giving as well.

We both grew up wearing Saint Christopher's from an early age. Our family was introduced to this special medal when Maggie’s grandmother, Deo, visited Italy. She purchased several mini Saint Christopher’s and had them blessed by the Pope. When she came home, she gave one of the blessed medals to all of her children and grandchildren.

The Saint Christopher medal can also be placed in cars, purses, wallets or suitcases, for those looking for the sense of protection without wearing an accessory. All four of our dogs even wear them on their collars!

Of course, our favorite choice is to wear it as a necklace! When choosing a Saint Christopher necklace from our collection, we have several options in a variety of sizes, lengths, layers and more! We also have them made in 14k Gold Filled which is tarnish free and affordable! Our most popular is the small size, although the larger sizes have a huge following too!

It is our hope that Saint Christopher brings you health, prosperity, faith and good fortune on all of your journeys!!

Check out our Saint Christopher Collection and all of our religious medals! What’s your favorite?!

xoxo, Maggie & Donna

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