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The Pearl Collection

We cannot even begin to put into words our love for pearls. Pearls are incredibly unique gemstones and one of earth’s most beautiful, natural creations. We love incorporating pearls into our jewelry because of their classic, timeless aesthetic. But, to us, there’s a deeper meaning to the pearl. We love that no two pearls are the same. We embrace the imperfections. Pearls are a constant reminder that nothing in this life is perfect – but imperfection can still be quintessentially beautiful and special.

Did you know that pearls are the only gemstones to come from a living creature? Pretty spectacular, right? Pearls are made by mollusks, such as oysters and mussels, as a natural defense against an irritant entering their shell or their soft body. They get their luster from nacre, which is the substance that a mollusk uses to form a pearl. The process is truly fascinating!

As homage to our grandmothers - who we remember as little girls wearing pearls everyday - combined with our love of the water, we designed our “Pearl Collection” full of white, peach, and pink pearls that are each unique and universally flattering!

Check out some of our favorite pieces or shop the entire collection!

xoxo, Maggie & Donna

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