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Citrine Chiclet Gemstone Necklace

Citrine is a member of the quartz stone family. Citrine is yellow quartz that ranges from mild lemony yellow to earthy brown, with some gorgeous oranges tossed in for good measure. The more prosperous and more consistent the color of a gemstone, the higher its value.

Here are the benefits when wearing a Citrine Chiclet Gemstone Necklace:

Citrine Provides Joy and Affection

Birthstone Citrine is connected with riches and prosperity in life. Those who wear citrine have a more positive attitude on life.

Citrine is said to provide joy and affection to its owner. It is said to be one of those crystals that never have to be recharged or purified. Citrine is available in various hues, ranging from pale yellow to orange-brown.

Citrine Represent the Spiritual Attributes of Prosperity and Transformation

Citrine is known for its yellow colors, representing the spiritual attributes of joy, prosperity, and transformation. Citrine is an excellent ally for rebalancing your energy during times of mild to moderate stress.

Known as the Merchant's Stone, Citrine can transform energies quickly and effectively.

Citrine may be an excellent tool to have, whether in one's pocket, to increase the flow of financial power from one palm to another in new business connections with possible clients or partners.

Placing a stone near money can assist in safeguarding it and keeping its energy pure.

Positive energy expels negative energy from locations where ghosts or other specters are believed or suspected to be present. By leaving it in these settings, the citrine stone takes negative energy into its spectrum and turns it back into pleasant, joyful points.

Health Benefits

Citrine benefits the urinary system and kidneys, as well as all of your center's glands, including the pancreas, adrenals, ovaries, lower back, and others. Citrine can aid with many ailments, including constipation, because the abdomen and digestive system are connected.

Citrine As A Birthstone

Citrine is the gemstone for November. It adds richness and warmth while also being calming. Citrine is also Libra's Zodiac stone and the 13th-anniversary gem. Citrine jewelry emits positive energy and provides peace, wealth, and warmth to the wearer. If you or someone you love were born in November or is a Libra, this stone would make a great gift.

Deo duPont Citrine Chiclet Gemstone Necklace

The warm, transparent glow of pale and dark yellows transfuses this Citrine 5- Stone Chicklet Necklace. Our genuine citrine chiclet gemstone necklace measures 15 inches in length, with a 2-inch extender and a 1.5-inch dangling pearl at either end.

Its orange hue reflects the sun, which is a sign of happiness. It is also said to bring good fortune and joy to those who wear it.

Our Citrine Chiclet Gemstone Necklace will brighten up any outfit. It's a nice neutral, so it's pretty easy to wear.

We Are Proud of Our Craftsmanship

We are proud of our craftsmanship, the purity of our products, our team's customizing talents, and the speed and security of our delivery service. We work hard to ensure that every customer has a pleasant experience.

When you wear our Deo Jewelry, you will notice that you smile often and feel a profound sense of joy, vitality, contentment, and appreciation. Check out our genuine Citrine Chiclet Gemstone Necklace at an affordable price. Grab Yours Now!

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