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Small 4 Way Cross with Crushed Sapphire by Deo duPont

Sapphires have been prized for their brilliance and scarcity since 800 BC. Ancient Persia's monarchs believed that sapphire stones reflected light and rendered the sky blue.

Here are the Sapphire's mystical abilities you should know:

Sapphire's Mystical Abilities

For millennia, revered as a celestial emblem, the Sapphire is a protector of purity, a bestower of truth, attracts good health, and a keeper of loyalty. It provides pleasure, riches, inner tranquility, and beauty.

Some individuals utilized it to protect themselves from sickness or as a form of defense while traveling.

In the Middle Ages, wearing a sapphire was considered to dispel evil thoughts. It gives natural healing powers for a long time for those who wear it.

Sapphires are an excellent way to keep your life in order. They have powerful and altering gem energy that may work quickly and profoundly. They can connect you to the universe by exposing your inner and mental self to the universe's capacities.

Importance of Wearing Sapphire

It brings a stroke of massive good luck when you wear a Small 4 Way Cross with Crushed Sapphire; Here's why.

Sapphire is the gemstone for September babies, known as the "wisdom gemstone." It provides advantages such as learning, mental sharpness, and spiritual healing for people who keep it. Moreover, Sapphire can assist you in achieving mental clarity by relieving your concerns.

It is a popular choice for engagement rings since it is considered the stone of love, dedication, and commitment. It is also used as a professional help gemstone and intended to keep CEOs' and authors' brains active. It raises scholars' and researchers' knowledge of higher concepts and assists attorneys and journalists in making better judgments. Sapphires, a symbol of wise and fair leadership, may also increase self-motivation and discipline.

Blue Sapphires

Color has the most significant influence on sapphire value, and sapphires with strong to brilliant color saturation are highly valued. The most precious sapphires are 'velvety blue to violetish blue sapphires with medium to medium-dark tones. Sapphires with these properties command the highest prices per carat. Blue sapphires that are grayish, too light, or too dark are also less costly.

DeoduPont Small 4 Way Cross with Crushed Sapphire

Wearing a necklace with Sapphire attracts good health, wisdom, love, and many others.

Our Small 4 Way Cross with Crushed Sapphire is perfect for any outfit and daily wear.

The small way cross features the Sacred Heart of Jesus is at the top, the Miraculous Medal front is at the bottom, Saint Joseph is on the left, Saint Christopher is on the right, and Mary's heart is in the center of this 14k Gold Filled 4 way Cross 1/2 inch with a stunning Crushed Sapphire dangling in the middle.

Our Beaded Chain comes in three different lengths: 16 inches, 18 inches, and 20 inches.

September born, or those searching for a present for a loved one born in the month, would appreciate the 4-way cross with crushed sapphires. At DeoduPont, we have a wide selection of gemstones and other goods. Shop Now!

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