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Small Saint Christopher on 14K Gold Filled Luna Chain

When traveling on an adventure in an unfamiliar country, many people seem to believe that bringing a charm with you on a trip will get you good fortune.

Saint Christopher charms have been worn for centuries as a travel amulet. With a bit of faith, this Saint Christopher on 14K Gold Filled charm can grant you and your loved one's peace of mind that you will arrive safely at your destination!

The Importance of St. Christopher Medals

St. Christopher medals are famous because they are associated with good fortune and protection during travel. Necklaces are the most typical way to wear St. Christopher medals.

Most people believe that wearing lucky charms or carrying them all times brings good luck and safety.

St. Christopher medals have a long and rich history. St. Christopher medals are widely known with travelers, beachgoers, sailors, and Catholics, but anyone can wear a St. Christopher necklace.

Participating in the St. Christopher custom and celebrating its beautiful meaning is open to everyone, no matter who they are.

Saint Christopher Traveler's Protector

The patron saint of travelers, drivers, and sailors, Saint Christopher, is adored worldwide.

Saint Christopher is recognized as the patron of travelers. It's not uncommon for folks to wear a Saint Christopher necklace while they travel.

A small kid once requested to be taken across a river. The water surged as he crossed it, and the kid became so hefty that Christopher staggered. Saint Christopher could only convey the child to another side with much determination.

Saint Christopher questioned why the kid was so hefty. The boy informed him that he had carried the universe and the Creator on his back. When Saint Christopher held the infant, he also took the weight of the entire universe on his shoulders.

In Greek, the name "Christopher" implies "Christ-bearer."

Wear Saint Christopher on 14K Gold Filled Luna Chain For Good Luck and Protection

While the custom of St. Christophers has persisted, other traditions have begun to emerge. At Deo duPont, we've been creating St. Christopher necklaces for many years. We've kept the traveler's necklace tradition alive.

Saint Christopher necklaces are suitable for all ages. It began as a Catholic concept but has expanded to individuals of many faiths and ethnicities.

The Patron of Travel, Saint Christopher, is represented by this small half-inch 14K gold-filled medallion, which can be worn regularly for protection and safety.

This 12mm, 14K gold-filled elegant chain with a St. Christopher medallion is perfect for layering other necklaces.

Wearing a Saint Christopher necklace brings you good health, prosperity, and faith. It is worn to envelop you in a protective aura, keeping you happy, well, safe, and protected.

Traveling wearing a Saint Christopher necklace will bring you back to where you got the chain. It serves as a reminder of the person who gave it to you, no matter how far your adventures take you away from home.

Consider giving a Saint Christopher 14K Gold Filled necklace as a thoughtful present to someone about to go on an exciting new trip. At Deo duPont, you can shop by collection, including religious, pearl, chiclet, and other jewels. Get Yours Now!

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